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What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is an x-ray analysis of the breast, allowing doctors to view internal tissue and detect abnormalities such as masses, asymmetries, calcifications or distortions. Mammograms are done using a low-dose x-ray machine using two plates that compress the breast and spread the tissue apart. This mechanism allows a higher-quality picture and less radiation to see through the thick tissue.

Doctors recommend women over the age of 40 to schedule routine mammograms every one to two years.

Screening mammogram

A screening mammogram is the standard procedure for women coming in regularly for check-ups and those not showing breast symptoms or complications. This mammogram takes two x-rays of each breast from different angles.

Three-dimensional (3D) mammograms are also available. Instead of compressing the breast, a 3D mammogram will take multiple low-dose x-rays while moving in a small arc around the breast. These results are much more advanced and reduce the chance of being called back for follow-up testing.

Diagnostic mammogram

Diagnostic mammograms give a more detailed look at the breast and are usually done following a screening mammogram if any abnormalities are found. As the name suggests, diagnostic mammograms take more x-rays surrounding the affected breast to closer evaluate and diagnose a lump, breast size change, nipple thickening or other condition. If further examination needs to be done, your doctor may request a biopsy.

What to expect during a mammogram

Because a mammogram applies some pressure to the breast, many women find it uncomfortable. However, this discomfort should only last a few moments, as mammograms are noninvasive and relatively quick.

On the day of your mammogram, we ask that you not wear deodorant, lotion or antiperspirant under your breasts or arms. We’ll also ask you to remove any jewelry you’re wearing. All these items listed can interfere with the imaging technology and produce a false result.

From here, our board-certified clinician will guide you through the process.

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